Ministry Staff


Lead Pastor – Brent 

Pastor Brent has been married for 32 years to Anne, a former school teacher. They have two children, Lane and Jana, and he pastored a church in Boulder City, Nevada for almost 20 years. Before that they lived in Guatemala City for five years and Brent was the youth pastor there at the Union Church of Guatemala. Brent loves music and plays the guitar and keyboard. He enjoys all kinds of games and sports. Peaching is also one of his passions and he likes to teach the Word of God with humor and drama so it comes to life. Anne and Jana are also part of the Williams team. Jana plans to be a missionary in Cambodia.




Office Administrator – Renee Raupach

Renee Raupach has a lot of experience. She worked as an Administrative Assistant at the Berlin Brethren Church, worked in accounts payable/accounts receivable, been a bank teller, and worked as a teacher’s aide in the school system. She is married with children and grandchildren. Renee writes: “I am thankful for this amazing God that loves me no matter what and cares for me in a way that no one else does! I can’t imagine my life without HIM and I pray for all those that are lost and feel alone. It’s so hard to fathom not knowing or believing in such a powerful God, whose beauty and magnitude are displayed each and every day! God is my risen Lord and Savior. He is alive and lives in my heart and in my soul every day. I am thankful for any opportunity to love and serve Him by being His hands and feet while I walk this gifted journey I call life.”